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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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sunday finds highs falling into the upper 40s with more seasonable weather through next week. the pattern stays dry through next friday. have a good night ahd a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 10-20tomorrow: mostly sunny, mild high: 53-59 winds: w 5-15 back to you. the strong wind blew over several semis throughout iowa today. la enforcement rererted four rollovers s linn county alone and one each in iowa, jones and dubuque counties. this semi rolled on interstate 380 near tower terrace road around one this afternoon. it landed in the median, blocking one southbound lane. the tow truck then blocked the north lane for a time. it caused traffic to back up in both directions. no one was injured. wind also blew over this semi
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four miles north of mount vernon the semi was going northbound at the time. police say no one was hurt. and the iowa county sheriff's office responded at about 12:30 this afternoon to a rollover on highway 151 near amana. they say no one was injured and the rollover didn't cause damage to any other vehicles. kcrg-tv9's brady smith joins us from along interstate 380. brady, what are semi drivers telling you? we talk to a driver going to mount pleasant and he said he wasn't having many problems. semi drivers weren't the only ones... local roofing companies are already getting calls from cedar rapidians about wind damage to their homes. one man living on the southwest side called tv-9 and
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local roofing companies are already getting calls from cedar rapidians about wind damage to their homes. one man living on the southwest side called tv-9 and said when he got home, he had dozens of shingles missing from the back side of his roof. other contractors we spoke with said ey've gotttt calls about damaged siding. pat land recommends doing your research before getting shingles replaced. "shingles have different weights, they have different wind warranties. manufacturers divulge that and you can call their technical people." lang says some shingles have a "wind warranty" of out 54 miles per hour, which meananthey probably wouldn't hold up to the 60 mile per hour gusts we saw today. coming up tonight at 10, we'll give you some more tips about shopping around for shingles if you happen to be missing any after today. live in linn county, brady
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we want to thank all the viewers who contted us d sent pictures of the crashes and other wind damage. remember when you see news, call newsline nine at 319-365-9999. you can also send pictures and videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. a big piece of prime real estate is sitting unused in the heart of toledo. now, the city is pushing for something to happen with the former iowa juvenile home. the center for delelquent girls closed in january 2014. the branstad administration de-funded the home, citing safety issues, educational deficiencies, and other concerns for the girls it housed. groups fought that closing and shared stories of success because of the care young people received at the iowa juvenile home. then last may, the iowa supreme court ruled unanimously to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the closure. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman joins us now. dave, has any group expressed an interest in
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the state? bruce and beth, one state lawmaker closely connected with the home has shown it to a bible college and even the local school district. but even if the state were to give the 27-acre campus and a dozen buildings away, the feeling was it would just be too expensive to convert to another use like senior housing. so the question city leaders have is "what now"? even though the state of iowa walked away from this juvenile home, the expenses go on. one state representativ e figures it's costing taxpayers 375-thousand dollars a year for security, utilities and minimal maintenance. so the iowa department of human services is feeling pressure to find a new owner. "the state has been wanting to gift the property over to the city of toledo but again the buildings post a problem... they're too expensive for the city to take over." toledo mayor dave svoboda echoes those feelings saying the city of 23-hundred
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million dollars a year and adding the expenses of maintaining nearly a dozen buildings would be too much. but he would like a part of the property. the southern half is empty land with athletic facicities like a nearly-new outdoor tennis and basketball court. he says it's practically a ready-made city park. "eventually, it might develop part of it into housing if somebody would show some intere in it... it's just all kind of up in the air." representative fisher says the d-h-s has considered demolishg all the buildings and selling the bare land to a developer for housing. demolition would probably cost one to two million dollars... but the state might have no other choice. a coup of weeks ago,he directct of the d-h-s sent a letter to the city saying if you have an interest in the old juvenile home, tell us because we need to do something. the city has invited the director to toledo so everyone who has an interest in the property can sit
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but so far, no meeting is set yet. bruce? the u-s mahals are asking people in eastern iowa to h hp find one of chicago's most wawaed fugitives. 22 year old kevin edwards is wanted for the murder of 9 year old tayshawn lee in november of last year. the u-s marshals say edwards he has ties to eastern iowa. he might have cut his year. he should be considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information should call the u-s marshals communication center at 1-800-336-0102 iowa's flu season is already bad and could get worse. right now, the centers for disease control and prevention shows iowa's flu activity is widespread, which is the highest classification. the states surrounding iowa are all seeing less flu activity. public health says six people have died from the
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a disease specialist at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics says the peak of thehelu season is ill a few weeks away. while a lot of people are getting the flu, he says most cases in iowa right now are actually pretty mild, but they could hit moderate levels next month. "even during mild seasons we see a lot of deaths from influenza, it can be very severe, so you can still protect yourself by getting your influenza vaccine. " dr. diekema say the flu season could s setch all the way into may this year. the iowa utilities board plans to make its decision on the bakken pipeline on march 9th or 10th. the pipeline will bring crude oil from north dakota to illinois. and the only state that has agreed to it is iowa. the board resumed deliberations on that pipeline today. they went into closed session about 2:30 this afternoon and we are waiting on the result of that. people against the pipeline say it is bad for the environment.
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the winter emergency shelter in johnson county is seeing success. the shelter at the corner of boyrum street and uthgate avenue in n wa city has been open for about two months. it's provided a warm place to stay overnight for 148 people who are homeless and can't stay at the shelter house. that's an increase of 28 people from last year. the shelter's also surpassed its 45-thousand dollar goal for the "out of the cold campaign." a group of future hair stylists was out rforming random acts of kindness today. and it was all to thank the people who have helped capri college of the last 50 years. stay with tv9. "you gotta be willing to
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community. " capri college students and staff traded in their scissors and styling tools for brooms and plastic gloves as they performed random acts of kindness today the college is celebrating its 50th anniversary. the students and staff are giving back to the communities that have helped them over the last five decades. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann shows us their work. this warm windy friday proved to be a great day for students from dubuque, cedar rapids, waterloloand davenport to surprise strangers wiwih gifts and favors. this group of capri students passed out gift cards to shoppers the kennedy mall in dubuque. they stopped strangers to hand them treres from
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salon services at capri. next the group headed to st. anthony's catholic church where they scrubbed community tables and chairs. college president and founder, chuck fiegen says giving back was the perfect way to celebrate the school's 50 years of success. "we built our business on providing service. and customers that continue to come back and support us and refer people to us. so it seems logical to go back out into t te community and do a minimum of 50 random acts of kindness. " fiegen says a total of 377 capri students and staff were out in the communities providing those random acts of kindness today.. he says, with that many students participating, the groups ended up delivering almost one thousand random ats of kindness in a matter of just a couple hours. in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news.
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the winds, which gusted above 50 mph, back down tonight. saturday will be the best day of the week with highs in the middle
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sunday finds highs falling into the upper 40s with more seasonable weather through next week. the pattern stays drdrthrough next friday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 10-20tomorrow: mostly sunny, mild high: 53-59 winds: w 5-1515morrow night: partly cloudy low: 31-37 winds: n 5-10sunday: partly cloudy high: 47 - low: 34 monday: papaly cloudy high: 39 - low: 29
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high: 40 - low: 26 wednesday: mostly cloudy high: 38 - low: 25 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 40 - low: 25 friday: partly cloudy
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the finals at the state wrestling tournament today. josh has more from des moines. it's always a packed house at wells fargo arena
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let's start with the class 3a quarterfinals ... 132, prairie's sam uthoff continues to demonstrate why he's ranked number one with the first period pin... he's going to the semis. 138, nelson brands the son of iowa assistant coach terry brands sweeps the leg... two points for a takedown... brands won his match, 9-3... his opponent gives a tiny shove at the end. 152, kennedy's logen rodriguez collects three points for the near fall in the final seconds of his match... he'd win 14-7 to advance. 160, linn-mar's shea hartzler is also going to the semi- finals after pinning his opponent at the 1:26 mark. at 285, dubuque hempstead's gannon gremmel comes up with a takedown against omar begic of waterloo east... those were important because gremmeel wins in a tight one, 3-1. in the class 1a semi-finals, north-linn's brock henderson piled up the points and won by a 2nd period tech fall... he's going to the championship for the first time. atat20, bryce west of highland riverside improved to 53-0 on the season with this 2nd period tech fall... he's going for a 2nd state title. and so is his twin brother
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the 2:52 mark at 126. 132, lisbon's chase mcglaughlin comes up with a takedown in overtime to win the match and move on to the championship. his teammate and future hawkeye carter happel took care of business at 145 with a first period pin... he's one win away from that 4th state title. at 152, alburnett's carter shulista is going back to the championship after this 1st period fall... but this time, he wants gold instead of silver. also for alburnett, tanner sloan will wrestle for a state title and 170 after winning his semi-finals match, 10-4. and at 195, landers kuboushek of south winnishiek gets the back points to get the 9-0 major decision... he's moving on... josh christensen, tv9 sports. and finally we have a specia friday edition of the rg tv-9 athlete of the week sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. dubuque wahlert 6"8 senior cordell pemsl has gone thru a shoulder injury and 2'kmee
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future hawkeye is showing what kind of talent he is averaging over 22 points a game hitting 66 percent of his shots from the field. i knew if i fought thrthe advererity i would have a good year like i am this year. i blessed to be and i am very humble with what we have done so far.. ya you have won two state titits already you probaly want to go out with three. ya how many players win a state title not many win three and just doesn't happen very often. what did it mean for you to sign with iowa. it is something i have been dreaming about since i was a little kid. i knew that is where i wanted to go even if i didnt say that. if we go one on one i have a problem you are a foot taller.. so westerberg matches up better.. pemsl
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westerberg and before you knew it was 3-0. first one to five wins scott got some help from a student in the crowd to get on the board. the loser had o carry the 250 pound pemsl the length of he court. and cordell with the step back to end it. somebody please call the ambulance. westerberg was gassed and after carrying the big fella and he is gonna need some oxygen.
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forecast. what a windy day we experienced. thankfully the winds, which gusted above 50 mph, back down tonight. saturday will be the best day of the week with highs in the middle 50s and lighter winds. sunday finds highs falling into the upper 40s with more seasonable weather through next week. the pattern stays dry through next friday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 10-20tomorrow: mostly sunny, mild high: 53-59 winds: w 5-15 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten. have a great evening.
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gravity wave discovery, the more excited i get. i know. being an astrophysicist right now is like being a rock star. only without the sex. yeah, literally, none of it. what do you think about it, sheldon? meh. are you kidding me? this may be the biggest scientific breakthrough of our lifetime. how can you, as a theoretical physicist, not care about this? maybe it's because i'm not an elitist. what i'd like to know is: how does this gravity wave breakthrough help the man on the street? u know? wh-who's looking out for joe six-pack and all his quantum physics concerns? oh, my god, you're jealous. why would i be jealous? oh, i don't know. maybe because the origin of the universe just got proven, the higgs field just got proven, and you've been working on string theory for the last 20 years and you're no closer to proving it than when you started. yeah, well, i've had a lot on my plate.


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